It’s Valentine’s Day – time for some #GiveHealthy Love!

gh love to fight

We know so many people who love to fight hunger!  It’s why our community keeps growing!  And we’re thrilled to announce that Chef Greg Silverman has joined the #GiveHealthy Advisory Board.  Chef Greg Silverman is the Executive Director of the West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH), in New York City. Through a supermarket-style food pantry, WSCAH alleviates hunger and creates a culture that promotes change and self-reliance. WSCAH reaches almost 10,000 families every year, providing social service support and culinary job training, while distributing over 1.5 million pounds of healthy food.

Chef Greg Silverman, New York City 2016

WSCAH is working to change everyone’s perception of hungry people by providing food with dignity and empowering people to find solutions. Chef Greg has worked in the food and hunger space for over 20 years. He previously served as the National Director of Program Partnerships for Share Our Strength and it’s No Kid Hungry Campaign where amongst much food access work he led the national growth of the Cooking Matters nutrition education platform across all 50 states.

Welcome, Chef Greg!

The Big Apple – a Perfect Place to #GiveHealthy

It’s always a thrill to visit a hunger relief organization and see them in action.  I’ve never met someone working at a food pantry, food bank, soup kitchen or shelter that wasn’t passionate about the work that they do and welcoming to visitors – whether people coming for assistance or just stopping by to say hello.

Some #GiveHealthy Team members stopped by the West Side Campaign Against Hunger (WSCAH) in New York City recently to enjoy a double thrill – both the visit and the delivery of over ONE TON of healthy food courtesy of two #GiveHealthy Food Drives – one sponsored by the Stroock Law Firm and another sponsored by WSCAH themselves!

What does a #GiveHealthy food delivery look like?  What do excited WSCAH team members look like? See for yourself!

WSCAH #GH shot 2

WSCAH #GH shot 1

WSCAH #GH shot 3

WSCAH #GH shot 4
Some Stats:
Average donation per person:  61 lbs!
% of unusable food:  Zero – 100% of the donated food matched WSCAH needs
% of healthy food:  100%
Staff time to sort out the food donations:  Zero

2017 – What a Year – Part 1

For us, 2017 was anchored by our role in the #GiveHealthy Movement.  We had lots of other great things going on (see Part 2 for those) but #GiveHealthy was and continues to be our primary focus.  Below is a blog post from the #GiveHealthy site, in its entirety, that tells the story.

About a year ago, a group of organizations, began a series of discussions that led to the development of the #GiveHealthy Movement.  The idea was that #GiveHealthy could both heighten public awareness that hunger is a health issue and provide a way for people to donate fresh produce and other healthy food.  It could bring together a diverse set of people and organizations whose commonality lay in the pursuit of a single achievable goal – to get the 100 Million people who donate food to food drives each year to donate healthy food.  

This group became the Founding Partners, and after a couple of months of planning, the #GiveHealthy Movement was launched in May 2017 at the Broccoli City Festival in Washington, DC.  The #GiveHealthy website was launched at the same time, providing an easy way for people and organizations to join and support the movement.  

#GH - Four panel shot

Since then, it’s been quite a ride thanks to the growth of an incredible roster of Partners, Ambassadors and many others who have joined #GiveHealthy and are participating in a variety of ways.  

Feeding America logo

In July, Feeding America began collaborating with #GiveHealthy and we launched a pilot program with them in September and are now working with Food Banks across the country.

NYC Launch - happy to #givehealthy

In October, we held a United Nations official World Food Day Launch event in partnership with Food Tank and World Food Program USA.  So much fun – you had to be there!
The breadth of the people and organizations joining #GiveHealthy since then has been inspirational.  Hunger relief organizations, universities, companies, non-profit organizations focused on nutrition, health, obesity and cancer have become Partners, Ambassadors, Collaborators and Supporters.  #GiveHealthy now includes medical professionals, chefs, nutritionists, dieticians, educators, scientists and lots of other people who think this is a really good idea, all focused upon one simple goal – getting healthier food to people struggling with food insecurity.   

World Food Day - Foodtank team

On behalf of the Founding Partners WhyHunger, Foodtank, Wholesome Wave, Ashley Koff Approved and Amp Your Good, a big shout out to everyone who has helped make the first 7 months of #GiveHealthy such a success!   As we look ahead to 2018, it’s time to buckle up because it looks like things are going to pick up speed and get even more exciting.  It’s clear that 2017 was just the beginning!